Peru, Lima | December 16th to 19th, 2022

The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies for Education and Research – ICALTER 2022 aims to create a space for sharing insights, software, app ideas, and experiences regarding digital transformation. This platform will also serve to share the new needs of students and teachers inhabiting a virtual world that offers a myriad of possibilities in the educational field. In this context, the impact of COVID-19 has led to teachers and students getting closely linked to digital technologies, as well as to new models of teaching and learning. All the participants attended the conference via Zoom.

All the accepted papers were included into ICALTER 2022 Conference Proceedings which will be published by SCOPUS and submitted to Xplore.

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IEEE International Conference

International Workshop Facilitator

Plneary: “Digital experience in Education or COVID-19: Remote and distance learning”
Facilitator: Dr. S. Nallusamy

Plenary: “International standards in the design of a university curriculum in the area of computer science”
Facilitator: Dr. Ernesto Cuadros Vargas

Plenary: “Dare teaching for critical and creative thinking with technology”
Facilitator: PhD. Janaina Minelli De Oliveira

Plenary: “Digital skills of Chilean pedagogy students”
Facilitator: PhD. Miriam Paz León Herrera

Plenary: “Towards a model of mass competency training of educators on highly relevant issues”
Facilitator: PhD. Enrique Díaz de León López

Plenary: “What students have the pandemic inherited from us?”
Facilitator: Luis Bretel Bibus

Plenary: “Reading comprehension in Spanish by Quechua-Spanish bilingual children”
Facilitator: Dr. María Fernández-Flecha

Plenary: “The teaching of Inca Garcilaso’s literature at a higher level”
Facilitator: Dr. Christian Fernández